The Daytona 500 2021

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What is the Daytona 500?

The Daytona 500 is a NASCAR Cup Series that NASCAR holds every year at the Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida. The track is 2.5 miles long; they take 200 laps that amounts to 500 miles in total.

The second NASCAR Cup Series, Coke Zero 400, that NASCAR holds at Daytona International Speedway as well. NASCAR has been holding Daytona 500 as the Cup Series season-opening race since 1959.

Daytona 500 is so far the best and most lucrative motor race that NASCAR holds. It is because of the money that the event profits due to the impressive turn-up. The Daytona 500 Cup Series is also unique to motor races because NASCAR holds it at the beginning of the racing season.

Unlike Daytona 500, NASCAR holds other motor racing Cup Series events at the end of the season. Daytona 500 has had the best television user ratings since 1955. It beats the Indianapolis 500 that ranks first as the motor race event that attracts the most live audience.

However, Daytona 500 is not far much behind, considering that they ranked 6th in the turn-up audience among sporting events in general. It was in 2006 when the live audience consisted of 20 million people.

Main: The Daytona 500, 2021

NASCAR will host Daytona 500 Cup Series on February 21st, 2021, that will also represent the 63rd year since the racing even began. Daytona 500 is a phenomenal event that will effortlessly hold a place in your memories. It is one of those events that leave you speechless; it mind-blowing, spontaneous, unpredictable, and aggressively fun.

The tickets to Daytona International Speedway for this event have sold out for the past five years. Therefore, it would be nice for you to book a ticket now. They are available on the Daytona International Speedway website and other sports-oriented websites.

Daytona 500 Live Online
Daytona 500 Live Online


If you have longed for a complete motor race experience, it is about time you chose GEICO or infield camping. Speedweeks presents the service as per the Advent Health guidelines. You could pick RV camping or tent camping.

The infield and GEICO Park West Campground come with the advantage of having free Wi-Fi. The following are the camping options available for Daytona 500 Cup Series race, beginning with the most lucrative choices.

LakeLlyod Premium RV

You can set camp at the center of the infield along with Lake Lloyd. Experience premium camping with a lovely lake view and the famous Super stretch.

Lake Lloyd Gecko shores have all amenities, controlled access to Lake Lloyd that is limited to the guests, and a walking path. They prioritize the privacy and comfort of your family. The RVs are self-contained. Below are the options for Lake Lloyd premium RV:

  • Reserved 20inches by 55inches site.
  • Private access area.
  • List item
  • Adult infield wristbands-two.
  • One car passes for a tow vehicle/ guests from the RV.
  • Permission to drive into and out of the infield.
  • 12-year old kids and below have no charges.
  • 10-day package.

Red Premium RV

Located at the heart of GEICO grounds, you will experience all the festivities surrounding the fun and preparation for the race. There are self-contained RVs, travel trailers, and motor coaches. These are the options:

  • Reserved site of at least 20inches by 40 inches
  • A secured access area.
  • Adult infield wristbands- two.
  • One car pass for a tow vehicle/ guests from the RV.
  • Electric and water hookups.
  • Permission to drive into and out of the infield.
  • 12-year old kids and below have no charges.
  • 10-day package.

Yellow premium RV

It is in turn one and two. It is the best spot to watch the aggressive completion between motor racers. You will feel thrilled while cheering for the racers and get a taste of their impressive skills. It is available for RVs and travel trailers. Here are the benefits:

  • Reserved site of at least 20inches by 40 inches
  • A secured access area.
  • Adult infield wristbands- two.
  • One car pass for a tow vehicle/ guests from the RV.
  • Electric and water hookups.
  • Permission to drive into and out of the infield.
  • 12-year old kids and below have no charges.
  • 10-day package.

Yellow RV

The position is similar to the Yellow Premium RV option; at Turn 1 and Turn 2. There is only a difference in the list of benefits.

  • Reserved site of at least 20inches by 40 inches
  • One car pass for a tow vehicle/ guests from the RV.
  • No hookups.
  • Permission to drive into and out of the infield.
  • 12-year old kids and below have no charges.
  • Adult infield wristbands-two.
  • 7-day package.

Green RV

Located at the Turn 4 GEICO campgrounds, you can see cars racing through the 18-degree trioval. Seeing the track up-close will give you a sense of excitement and expectation. The campsite is for travel trailers, self-contained RVs, and other options. The benefits include:

  • Reserved site of at least 20inches by 40 inches
  • One car pass for a tow vehicle/ guests from the RV.
  • No hookups.
  • Permission to drive into and out of the infield.
  • 12-year old kids and below have no charges.
  • Adult infield wristbands- two.
  • 7-day package.

Red RV

Similar to Red premium RV, it is at the heart of GEICO grounds among all the cheer and fun. These are the options:

  • Reserved site of at least 20inches by 40 inches
  • One car pass for a tow vehicle/ guests from the RV.
  • No hookups.
  • Permission to drive into and out of the infield.
  • 12-year old kids and below have no charges.
  • Adult infield wristbands- two.
  • 7-day package.

Horseshoe RV

From here, you can see cars on the Front stretch approaching high banks. It is near Turn 1, which is the most famous road course in Daytona Speedway. It accommodated self-contained RVs, travel trailers, etc. Here are the benefits you get:

  • Reserved site of at least 20inches by 40 inches
  • One car pass for a tow vehicle/ guests from the RV.
  • No hookups.
  • Permission to drive into and out of the infield.
  • 12-year old kids and below have no charges.
  • Adult infield wristbands- two.
  • 4-day package.

Orange Campsite

The orange campsite is at GEICO campgrounds. It is more accommodating for cars, trucks, sleeping/ camping tents, small trailers, and pop-up campers. Although there are various restrictions, you can easily measure up to the expectations. These are the available benefits:

  • Reserved site of at least 20inches by 40 inches
  • Permission to drive into and out of the infield.
  • 12-year old kids and below have no charges.
  • Adult infield wristbands-two.
  • 7-day package.

Masters Tournament

It is one of the four major tournaments in professional golf in the United States. They hold the championship in Augusta National Golf Clubs.


  • Par-3 contests

It is a friendly match between golfers who will participate in the Master’s tournament. They hold this event on Wednesday before the first rounds on Thursday. The club established the par-3 courses in 1958. It is a course with nine holes, 27 pars, and it measures 1060 yards. Surprisingly. There has never been a winner in this contest who wins the official tournament. The golfers use their children as caddies for a friendly atmosphere.

  • Player Invitations

Earning the master title in the Golf championship guarantees the golfer a secure career. They will have automatic access to participate in the other three golf championships for five years. They include US Open, PGA Championship, and The Open Championship. They also receive access to the PGA tour in the next five seasons.

They can also invite amateur winners from prestigious amateur tournaments to honor Bobby Jones. He is an amateur golfer who started the golf tournament.

  • Opening Tee shot

The tournament kicks off with an opening tee shot from the invited legendary golf players. Some of those players since 1973 were Jock Hutchison, Fred McLeod, Byron Nelson, Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player.

  • Champions Dinner

The dinner is in honor of the previous champions of the golf tournaments. Their club is known as Masters Club; it also includes honorary members such as the Augusta chairman. Usually, the defending champion hosts this event on Tuesday before the first round of the tournament on Thursday.

  • Caddies

Before 1983, the players were supposed to use Augusta National Golf Club caddies, who were mostly African-American men. After Cliff Roberts (co-founder of Augusta) death, the masters had the permission to bring their caddies. For uniformity, these are some of the conditions the cadies should meet. The defending champion usually gets caddie number one while others get numbers in the order of registration.

  • White jumpsuit
  • A green Masters cap
  • White tennis shoes.
  • A name tag on the back of their uniform; the surname or first initial of the golfer.
  • Other Traditions

Uncommon to other players, the Bobby Jones scholars from Scotland play a 4-ball round course a day after the tournament finalizes. Afterward, the golf club maintenance team comes to restore the field to its standard appearance.

How to apply for Daytona 500 2021 tickets/ Daytona 500 lottery 2021

In the previous Daytona events, customers experience a hard time buying the tickets to attend the Daytona 500 lottery event. As you know, the only way you get the guarantee of attendance is after you purchase the ticket. So, they will reserve your seat after payment. Previously, customers have been frustrated about buying the tickets on the site during the event.

Due to the customers’ complaints, the management decided to change certain rules regarding the purchase of the tickets. The management has made the process easy for you to get the ticket by purchasing online.

Get Tickets from Daytona International Speedway Website

Daytona 500 2021 tickets can be purchase online from Daytona international speedway website or other websites offering secondary ticket sales. This is much easier because all you need is to log in to the website and follow the instructions.

You can also call the PITSHOP on the following number 1-800 for ticket payment. You can also call them for inquiry about the payment plan in case of any difficulties. The tickets range from $99 upwards. This depends on the sitting position you choose, and they also have a considerable payment plan for you.

Buy Tickets Before the Event

Buying your ticket before the event helps you plan for the day’s event. It also means that you are committed enough by paying for the ticket. Buying the tickets late when the event is nearing, you can buy them at a higher price. This is because of the increase in demand. So, it’s advisable to buy them earlier.

Think about accommodation

If you are traveling from a far distance, you might need accommodation to attend the event. Other secondary website sites will offer you that package of tickets and accommodation. The event has been made so easier for you, the customers, and all they need is just pay and wait. The prices depend on the hotel you’ve chosen for yourself.

Buy ticket at the event 

If you cannot purchase the ticket online, you can also purchase them at the event onset. Sometimes online ticket applications can be challenging too due to network or other cyber issues. Hence the management still considers you, and you won’t miss the chance of enjoying the event.

The Daytona international speedway website offers you the chance to have a virtual look at the stadium. This helps you choose the sitting positions of your preference when paying. This means you will be able to pay after you are satisfied with the best sitting place to enjoy the event. If you choose a good sitting spot, you will enjoy the racing event and have fun.

How to Watch Daytona 500 2021

There are so many fascinating sports evolving today, and sports car racing must be one of them. The 63rd annual Daytona NASCAR Cup series event is something all race car lovers and fans will surely attend. The Daytona 500 event is something you, as a big fan, will not want to miss.

Being part of the event is a thrilling experience that you will carry on with you for a while. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the expense to experience the thrill first hand. This should not put you off since there are so many ways to kill a rat.

You can also bring the experience to you in the comfort of your own home and even invite friends over. Here are some of the platforms you can easily use to watch the game not to miss out.

1. Live Streaming

Live streaming the event is limited to the United States of America as you can always watch it in your country. In partnership with FOX, the event will not only be accessible to you for live streaming. You can stream on the FOX Sports website but also on, FOX Sports app.

Considering that not many people can afford to pay the subscription fee, there are other ways you can live stream the event without having to pay a dime. Some of the options that will allow you to access and live stream FOX are listed below for user preference selection. However, some have free trial offers.

  • YouTubeTV with only having to pay $40 per month, you can easily access CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN to enjoy much more privileges than most people who do not have the subscription.
  • Hulu with Live TV similarly to YouTubeTV, paying $40 gives you access to CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN likewise. If anything, most of the broadcasts offer sports as per your preference.
  • DirecTV Now is slightly more expensive than the other subscriptions because it gives you an added network, the NFL Network but for an extra $5.
  • FuboTV, unfortunately, does not come with the ESPN channel. However, it gives you a discounted price of $35 that will eventually increase to $45 later on for your first subscription. The package includes CBS, FOX, NBC, and the NFL Network.

2. Paid Stream

Most people, however, prefer paying for the subscription so that they do not encounter limited services issues. The privileges that come with live streaming today are opportunities you cannot afford to lose because they do not come by easily.

For instance, securing a subscription channel with live among others. However, creating a subscription channel with live helps you legitimize your data with apps anywhere you are at all times. Luckily, we have some of our favorite packages that are pocket-friendly according to your preferences and worth your money.

Every Plan Includes:

  • Both Live Streaming and social streaming is ad-free.
  • Full HD 1080p Live streaming.
  • Ability to control all your apps and players during games.
  • An unsteady flow of unlimited live events.
  • Access to Live polls, Q&A, audience chat, among others.
  • Auto-archiving and video management are possible.
  • The options vary, and the following are some of the examples most customers prefer.

Vimeo Premium

  • Privacy and security.
  • Delivery and distribution.
  • Video player.
  • Marketing.

Vimeo Enterprise

  • Enhanced security and privacy.
  • Support.
  • Advanced features.

Vimeo OTT

  • Starter OTT.
  • Growth and enterprise OTT.

3. TV Rights (Worldwide)

Before the game starts, ensure you know all the details concerning it. In most cases, FOX networks cover all Daytona 500 games. The network is usually preferred as it broadcasts the biggest events and shows. It brings it to you wherever you are in the comfort of your own home.

Have reminders not to forget the date, time, and channel the game will air. At the 2020 event, the President himself, Donald Trump, attended the event for the first time and even gave the drivers the go-ahead command to start their engine.

4. Live Stream with Reddit

The scheduled dates communicated before the game and broadcasted nationally on FOX. The Live Streaming can also be accessed in the FOX Sports Go app and Reddit’s Nascar streams page. Live streaming on Reddit is an experience you do not want to miss if you intend not to attend the event.

Some of the biggest personalities in racing are expected to make appearance eyes on the championship. Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, and Joey Logano, among others, something you definitely do not want to miss. Reddit ensures you do not miss even a single lap no matter where you are.

In addition to that, Reddit is relatively simple to use and understand compared to other sites. All that is required from you is to know the date and location the race will air, then sit tight and enjoy the game.

5. Game 2020 Tickets

In coordination with PRIMESPORT, the tickets had started selling as early as this year around February. Seeing that during the 62nd annual Daytona 500 race event, tickets sold out earlier than expected, the management did not want a repeat of the same for the year 2021. Hence, the decision to start a pre-sale in the year 2020, February 10.

6. Location and date

Daytona International Speedway President Chip Wile announced that February 14, 2021 is the event's scheduled date. The pre-sale of the tickets started as early as this year, around February 10. In an interview with Chip Wile, he was asked why for the first time in history, the tickets for the events were released earlier, seeing that it has never happened before.

He claimed to have done this regarding the suggestions people made about starting early preparations for the event. For updates on the activities of the events, download the Daytona International Speedway’s mobile app.

In addition to that, follow all the site’s social media handles, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more.

7. Live Stream Using VPN

The VPN enables anyone to access the event without any restrictions comfortably. Watching while in the United States might not cause a hitch, but people overseas tend to face certain restrictions. This is mainly because FOX Sports GO’s International Access does not feature Daytona 500.

Also, the restrictions on the official live stream will prevent those trying to watch from abroad. VPNs go when you need to access and watch the Daytona 500 when not within the American borderline. When choosing a VPN, it is important to get one that will meet and work well with your daily needs.

7.1       ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN works well on various devices, be it laptops, routers, phones, or any other you can connect to a network. It is relatively fast and secure connecting to up to any 160 locations around the world in optimized speed.

It does not have cases of bandwidth limits letting it run comfortably in the background while you watch and enjoy your shows securely. It has no limitations, and you can access all your favorite apps anywhere at any time.

It also allows you to browse anonymously without tracings. In addition to that, ExpressVPN does not keep records of your logins and history. Encrypting your work is easier and prevents hacking.

The customer care support team is always at your disposal, ready to assist in any way possible regarding the network. This can be via either live chat or email. From TV shows to live events, music, or movies, access to these sites is assured all round the clock despite your location.

Its browsing power is also an unlimited bandwidth; hence, a blazing-fast VPN. One of the many reasons why people choose it is a remarkable speed.

7.2       IPVanish

Most people highly recommend this network because of its unbelievable fast speed. It does not keep any on-logs and has zero to no IP address leaks cases. It does not monitor and record any activities of someone while using the network, thus ensuring high-level privacy.

The VPN is considered safe with strong security keeping all your data safe and free from bugs. After thorough research from the legal authorities, they declared that all the claims were true and the only thing kept was the email address of the user and transaction statements.

They added other outstanding features, such as manually configuring your DNS settings. IPv6 leak protection is just a bonus. A VPN kill switch as a back up to keep all your data secure in any connection issues exposing your files.

 It works really well with Netflix, Sky, and Kodi, among others. It is great with torrenting and popular with Firestick and Kodi users. Understanding and setting up the whole thing takes less time since it is clear that the instructions are quite basic and easy to understand.

The data is unlimited, with over 40,000 anonymous IP addresses and 10 simultaneous connections. Just like how a coin has two sides, so does the IPVanish server. However, great quality the services; unfortunately, it does not have browser extensions and is limited to China.

7.3       NordVPN

This VPN guarantees you a hassle-free streaming experience. Here are some of the reasons many run to it compared to the other VPNs.

  • Access content while traveling.

Traveling should not limit you from enjoying a live-streaming event or show. NordVPN allows you to comfortably access and store all your entertainment data even when cruising around the globe.

  • No Interruptions.

Majority of people’s most common pet peeve is watching something, then the internet is acting up. With the lightning-fast NordLynx protocol and optimized server network, enjoy your streaming with no interruptions whatsoever.

  • Multiple Connections

More than three connections can securely connect in one account. Many of our trusted customers have not had any issues connecting multiple networks to their phones, laptops, or routers.

  • Security

It ensures all your online activities are secured and private at all times. Streaming while in public should not be a problem since the next-generation encryption tends to lock and protect your connection even when public Wi-Fi. Chances of your account hacked into are minimal to zero.

  • Quick Connect

With just a click at the Connect Button, the smart algorithm will find the fastest and more reliable server for you to use at the particular moment. It is highly reliable in matters of speed compared to other VPN networks.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth.

This VPN, in particular will not put any time restrictions while watching, unlike others where they have monthly caps on their network bandwidth. Live stream anything you want with no stress or worry.

It surely will be the event of the century as many people are looking forward to it. The main reason why the next event is such a deal-breaker is because 2020 was the last year the ‘Generation 6’ cars appeared. This clearly means that the next set of cars will show during their first appearance at the 63rd 2021 event.

The management is hopeful that the on-going pandemic will be curbed and not interfere with the day’s plans and activities. Artists to perform that day will soon reach out to the public and inform them. FOX Sports is highly recommended to those who will not attend, as it will most definitely cover the event.

The Masters Tournament Live Online on Social Media

Wondering if you can watch the Masters Tournament line on social media? Of course, you can. There are several social media platforms that you can use to stream the tournaments.  However, these come with some restrictions. The following are some top social media platforms that you can use.

  • YouTube

YouTube provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. No need for complicated installation or setup. On top of that, this platform is affordable, costing around 50 bucks monthly.

  • Facebook

This is the top social media platform compared to the rest. Masters Tournament has its page on Facebook. However, this doesn’t mean that streaming the contents on this platform will be free. You will only get updates and analysis on the posts. You can follow their page to get these updates.

  • Twitter

Just like Facebook, Masters Tournament also has its page on Twitter. It is important to note that no channel can stream content on Twitter. So, do not be deceived by any subscription you come across. You can follow their page too to get regular updates.

  • Reddit

This is typically an interactive social media platform. Compared to the rest of the social media platforms, Reddit doesn’t have a streaming wing. So you will get all the contents in discussion form. The discussers on this platform are fans who love and keep up with the progress of the tournament.

  • StumbleUpon

Many people might not be familiar with this social media platform because it is relatively new. The platform is gaining popularity among online users. However, the Masters Tournament does not have a page on this platform. You can find a wide range of pages that give updates to the fans through this platform. So, you can follow the reports here.

Final Words

The Daytona 500 is the greatest sports event you cannot afford to miss. More than 100,000 people gather to take part in this event. The experience is unpredictable for both the fans and the drivers, and we all love the excitement and the energy. Get ready for The Daytona 500 2021 for unforgettable experiences.

We have given you everything you need to know about this event. By now, you know how to apply, watch, and highlight the event. Welcome to the 2021 Daytona International Speedway sport event, and let us meet soon at the track!